Barely Explored Trillion Dollar Resource!

Image: Denita Gadeau (for Coco Liso Exploration Corp)

Image: Denita Gadeau (for Coco Liso Exploration Corp)

Exploring through Central and South America, I’ve experienced adventure and visited places few people will ever follow.  I traveled along Amazon Rivers, crossed Andes mountain passes and jumped from waterfalls into calm pools. Along the way I met amazing, adventurous, and happy people.

Among my favorite adventure spots is Ecuador. The Spanish word Ecuador means equator in English, and the country was given that title because the equator passes thru its heart. 

When I stood on my first Ecuador beach and watched the sun set west towards the Pacific, I noticed that the sun was perfectly balanced between the North and the South along the horizon. Since then I have come to know that Ecuador’s balance goes far beyond the setting of the sun.  It’s a romantic place where family values still apply, which is one of the reasons why I love to travel there. 

view from casa del sol surf spot, ecuador

view from casa del sol surf spot, ecuador

We launched an exciting Gold exploration program from Ecuador. You see the beauty of Central and South America extending far beyond what the naked eye may experience and into the depths of earth science.

As an earth scientist, I am always curious wherever I travel about the occurrence of economic minerals, petroleum or unique geologic features. I walked along the rim of volcanoes just to see their immensity first hand. It didn’t take long for Ecuador to capture my scientific curiosity.

There are more than 86 volcanoes in Ecuador. Volcanoes, originally as an island arc trend, undersea for millennia depositing their riches in surrounding rock. Now the arc is compressed and expressed as continental margin. The ore bodies exposed along mountain tops feed the roaring rivers pouring to the east with their magical blend. This is one of the geological process feeding the riches of the Amazon.

If you showed interest, everyone I met in Ecuador seemed to have beautiful nuggets of gold that were often passed down through generations.  Once my curiosity was peaked, I began my research into the geoscience of Ecuador’s earth resources. Assembling maps, touring the Government’s Mines department in Ecuador, and visiting with other geologic-like-minded individuals helped me come up with a mass of scientific information about gold and mineral occurrence in Ecuador. 


In September 2013, while on a hiatus from my oil and gas practice, a good friend and I traveled to Ecuador to put my gold theories to the test. The gold we were after was in the rivers. Geologically speaking, this type of gold is referred to as an alluvial deposit or placer gold. It simply means the gold was transported at the surface by wind, rain, or river from its original depositional location. Incidentally, the gold is accessible with minimal mining effort.

In our exploration research, we identified then explored twenty seven sites; twenty three of the sites had gold occurrences.  At each location, we tried to pan at least ten times, then averaging the gold flecks (peluzas or chispas in Spanish).  Our field estimates were correlated where possible with local miners.  Generally gold occurs at .5 g/t to 1.5 g/t along the rivers we explored. In fact, originally the plan was to stay in Ecuador for a number of months but when I found such a high concentration of gold present I cut my trip short to return home and start our new exploration company - Coco Liso Exploration Corp.  

We raised a small amount of investment seed capital quickly and then to return to South America for the monetizing phase of our business plan.  I have to tell you it was really exciting to see the gold flakes on the bottom of my gold pan, and I hope someday you may have the same experience to see the beauty of this mineral in raw form-Gold.

Now, considering the length and abundance of rivers in the Amazon basin, it’s obvious there is a HUGE TRILLION DOLLAR GOLD RESOURCE left to be recovered. The key is to apply new and proven technology to this Amazon Gold Resource Play to achieve long term profitably.

But not everything is as easy as it may sound, many scoundrels are mining throughout South America. Even Canadian companies with a history of shamefully exploiting shareholders and stakeholders alike. Undeterred we press forward with a socially responsible and sustainable business model. Aligning ourselves with the purity and natural balance emitting from Ecuador's nature. 

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