Cecil and Raven


This is a wee story about Cecil and Raven. I met Cecil years ago in Calgary, he's a really interesting fellow. Of Irish descent, he's all that you imagine of an Irishman. 

Why I work with Cecil, it's because of his wealth of experience. From resorts in the Bahamas, to projects in Africa, to Miami real estate, oil and gas deals in Canada etc etc. There's not to many business topics that Cecil can't comment as an expert. His specialty though, is clearly financial stewardship. Cecil is a great CFO.

Cecil likes to tell people that he works with me to keep me in line. You know people laugh, I guess it's not bad considering he's a good friend. And a friend over years.

No matter what the context of a discussion, Cecil often would introduce his family, his kids and most especially his lovely Raven. I've noticed over the years of business, especially in discussions in a room with all guys, that the guys that speak positively about his family usually are well balanced and truly happy. I guess love does that for happy couples.

And they were together for years, fifty plus I would guess. They had nice homes in different countries, built industries and raised a productive family. If you need to rent an Irish castle, Cecil's the guy!

But it wasn't always easy, in an early economic downturn, Cecil lost his job. They were able to sell their home, but at a loss. They owned a small van, and for many months lived in the van with their family. Cecil and Raven had five children together, eventually finding work and moving out of the van.

Those are the hard times when you really build your personal and family strength. It's easy to get along when things are good, hard time brings out the best of the best.

A couple weeks ago Cecil and I spent a week together. I really noticed a change, especially in his eyes.  See the thing is Cecil's beloved Raven passed away late last year. 

Now even more so, Cecil is focused on giving. Focused on his grand kids. Focused on family. He's become especially complimentary in his support for young people, for example mentoring my son. Cecil's emptying his possession, mostly giving to family, friends, and charity. He is hoping to move out of his and Raven's house.

When I quizzed him a bit, Cecil responded, "Douglas you forget I have seat reserved for me up above." 

Love is sometimes transcending in its nature.