Collaboration VS the Procrastinator's Ego

Why Project hoarders are death to your company and you should Fire Them!!!

Project hoarders... Generally egocentric with a self-obsessive thought process...has mentally expended the energy required to accomplish their project...think selfie-queens.

Our company took off, I mean really took off!  We added staff quickly. We needed shared work spaces.  I discouraged cubicles as I am a proponent of collaboration to the nth degree. We tried giving everyone a desk but they shared work spaces anyways and they worked effectively.  Our staff learned to excel in that open office style. Incidentally, I have witnessed first-hand that collaborative work environments can limit procrastination in workers who understand that they are the lifeblood of a company.

Psychologist's report that 20 percent of men and women are chronic procrastinators (Ferrari, 2010).  A project hoarder is essentially a term I created to quickly identify a chronic procrastinator.

Project hoarders do not have the mental capacity to determine what is necessary. Generally egocentric with a self-obsessive thought process, the project hoarder has mentally expended the energy required to accomplish their project tasks on their own day to day activity; think selfie-queens.

Non-project hoarders, in contrast, progress.  They approach a task with the correct thinking-a plus b equals c: progress. These are your star employees, promote them. A non-project hoarder understands team play and can get their hands dirty. The star employee receives satisfaction from removing one thing off of their project list.   

Enter project hoarder, Samantha Faye.

Faye felt important the more projects she hoarded. For example, Samantha’s project, order more desks, no more than a day’s worth of work. Samantha took weeks of company time laboring over catalog's of office furniture and interviewing employees for their preferences. In Samantha’s mind she was trying to give people what they wanted, at the expense of the company. And people were stacking up for lack of desks, to the point the BOD was alarmed by working conditions.

Project hoarding is a disease to a company, like an overloaded digestive tract that is going to make a person sick. Identify project hoarders and remove them from your team immediately. It is unfair to the development of your star employees to have project hoarders on your team.