Welcome to my blog!

We were big news that day in coffee row...See that’s the way we did things; that’s how we learned about our community. There was no Internet, so we would have a coffee...And that’s just the way I was raised.
— Douglas McKinnon

Where I grew up, the door to the house was always left open, even when you were gone.  The reasoning was at the time, that if a blizzard hit and your neighbors were stranded they may need to come in. It was customary to walk in a house, sit yourself down and make yourself a tea.  Weather the storm in your neighbours' home. Nobody thought of ever taking the keys out of a vehicle, perhaps again one of your neighbors needed to borrow your tractor or had a need for your truck... it was just what we did, a way of life.

Sometimes you got yourself into trouble. Once, my father borrowed a friend, Jumbo's, D9 Caterpillar. This is one of those technological marvels of excavating, at the time, capable to move and reshape mountains. He phoned Jumbo for permission, found the keys and began to use the Cat. Dad accidentally drove into an area that was very sloppy and he basically sunk the Cat in the mud.  Of course, we confessed to the event and promised to pay Jumbo for any damages. Additionally arranging (with another neighbour) to have the Cat dug out of its hole. This entire process took about an hour and we washed and returned the Cat to its original location, no worse for the wear.

Now it was time to scoot into town and have coffee. Everybody gathered at the local coffee house, that's where you found out what was going on in your community.  But this time I was amazed that as we walked in the door everybody laughed at us. They already heard the story of how we sunk Jumbo's Cat. We were big news that day in coffee row.

See that's the way we did things; that's how we learned about our community. There was no Internet, so we would have a coffee. Where we found out about the weather forecast; the farming conditions; who drilled the best oil wells in the area. And that's just the way I was raised.

When I desired to set up a blog, because I believe in this world that we live in and its people, I wanted to adopt that feeling of the small coffeehouse. We don't really have any rules except we are gentleman/ladies. A coffeehouse to talk about things and discuss opportunities and so.... welcome to my blog!