Strategist • Startups • Founder • Fundraiser • Exploration • Earth Science

30+ years experience, not just the same year repeated thirty times


Accomplished Chief Executive Officer and President, with over 30 years in business. Executed strategic priorities and operating plans of private and public (TSX) projects in the energy and mining sector, from feasibility to profitability. Commitment to strong financial management, innovative approaches, and entrepreneurial spirit. Founded and led successful junior oil and gas companies, an art gallery, and recently, a gold exploration startup in South America.



Raised capital in excess of $100 MM

  • Accountable to Board of Directors, illustrating the money map
  • National Instrument and good governance savvy
  • SEDI registered with a clean abstract
  • Speak the language of profit, seek out the best of breed
  • Technical, Earth Science and Geophysics background
  • Proactive and adaptive
  • Collaborative leader



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Founder– Coco Liso Exploration Corp, Calgary AB – June 2013-present


Blood honey photography art project with harun mehmedinovic

Grassroots Fundraise for a Mining Exploration Startup, Growing Investor Database to over 15K Canadian High Net Worth Individuals

  • Engineering and implementation of a reverse helix concentrator in the exploration of small scale mining prospects in South America
  • Innovating artisanal mining efficiency and recovery rates by introducing technology to the area
  • Analyzing fecundity of prospective mineral assets

Business Development and VP Exploration– Epsilon Energy Ltd, Calgary AB – June 2012-2013

One of the many drilling and completed wells on the sk/ab plains 

Build Value by Drilling and Divesting Canadian Assets, Actively Involved in Identifying Target Areas, Raising Capital and Drilling Wells

  • Mentored with sight of main objective, to steer oil and gas profits and share price towards an upward trend
  • Identified target land areas and initiated lease agreements with local lease-holders
  • Conducted and analyzed data from seismic studies
  • Acted as Drilling Manager for all wells – on-site to direct drilling and geology teams, analyze data as it comes in, and adjust drill plan as required to maximize future production

Founder and President, Stoneworx Earth Science, Calgary, AB – October 1982-present


multi-platform earth science competency

Consulted for Majors Utilizing Extensive Geological and Earth Sciences Experience

  • Drilling of 400+ wells in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
  • Drilling and completing times that were 25 per cent of that of our competitors
  • Involved in drilling projects in the USA, Canada, and internationally, in Colombia
  • Consulted for major players such as Conoco Phillips, Talisman, Apache, Baytex and numerous small operators locally and abroad
  • Tested quality assurance for new products
  • Founded Stoneworx Earth Sciences in 1982

President & CEO – 3MV Energy Corp, Calgary, AB – April 2007-June 2012

lowest-cost operator in the area

Introduced Monobore Multistage Fracturing to Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

  • Reduced cost for drilling by innovative approach to the drilling methods, developed proprietary drilling techniques to minimize costs while optimizing production
  • Highlights of 2012 impressed with operating netbacks of $65.19/BOE,finding and development costs of $17/BOE (2012, Fiske, Saskatchewan)
  • Assembled and Managed On-Site and Corporate Office Teams
  • Hired and managed corporate team, including CFO, VP Engineering, VPLand, and all other members of the operations team at 3MV Energy
  • Hired and trained on-site geology team; hired and managed on-site drilling managers
  • Coordinated work of corporate team and consultants

COO and Founder – Reece Energy Exploration Corp, Medicine Hat AB- October 2002-Jan.2007

the well that launched a technology boom

the well that launched a technology boom

Grew Successful Private to Public Oil & Gas Exploration & Producing Company $180 Million in 3 years, Acquired by Pennwest Energy Trust

  • Revolutionized Multi Stage Fracturing techniques in the Viking Formation, reputation as low-cost operator by developing proprietary techniques and building strong relationships with suppliers and contractors
  • Still industry leading in Canada, streamlined drilling and completion process to reduce costs, single well shallow horizontal multistage frac down to $580K(over 38 wells), versus $2 million for competitors
  • Identified and secured potential drilling locations
  • Led private and public placement financings to fund drilling programs
  • Oversaw Corporate mergers and acquisitions to further strengthen land holdings



passionate for the arts

  • Strong Earth Science background-analyze geology data in the field, making adjustments to the drilling plan in real time
  • Develop drilling plans based on own interpretation of seismic and other geological data- Analyze past drilling results to improve for future drilling programs
  • Managed total AFE process (Authorization For Expenditure) with budgets in excess of $100 million per year-collaborative work to streamline drilling, completions and equipping
  • Build annual and quarterly drilling programs, adjusting plans based on available capital and other considerations
  • Team management and leadership, strong interpersonal skills-Effective at delegation and workflow management, allowing personnel to work to their skill sets


Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences – Technical Degree – Bakersfield College – 1980-1983



Sustainable development in the amazon. I'm happy to be helping in one of the poorest areas of the planet.

Teacher – Palora School District, Morona Santiago- July 2013-Present

Volunteer sabbatical in the Amazon indigenous communities. General education for young and mining techniques for the older. There are twelve school groups in the area and no regular teachers. One school had eight orphans. Children swim naked in the rivers, some have been lost to Anacondas. Many children had no or minimum clothes, no shoes etc so we arranged gifting programs internationally and locally. There is nothing like the smile of a child receiving her/his own mochila full of school and clothing supply.